Work Out With Me: Beginner Aerial Silks Conditioning Routine

Hello humans!

In the interest of using this blog for something useful (and not, like, ignoring it forever like my previous strategy had me doing), I decided to give y’all the opportunity to gain some insight into what it takes to be an aerialist and to try and work out with me.

This is not an instructional work out video by any means (I don’t feel super comfortable trying to teach aerial anything over the internet), but there are a lot of floor work core exercises and some pull-up and grip strength exercises that could be done pretty easily on a pull-up bar (or some playground equipment) if you’re so inclined.

If not, I think it also provides some interesting insight into what it takes to build strong aerialist muscles and what you could expect if you ever chose to take a beginner aerial silks class.

This routine is very much targeted toward people who are beginning aerial silks training, up to about a low-intermediate level. Most of the exercises are focused on developing strength in a hollow body position (excellent core exercise for everybody, for the record) and improving core stability through different ranges of motion (very important for aerialists, but helpful for everybody).

The aerial exercises are mostly focused on upper body strength in bent-arm and straight-arm positions. I don’t generally do a lot of conditioning for these on days that I’m working on technique because grip training can become very exhausting very quickly, but on a conditioning routine day, it’s very important to address.

Let me know if you’d like to see more videos like this or a more detailed instructional video for an at home aerial silks conditioning routine. I’ll also be putting in an effort to write a lot more content on here in the coming year. I just wrapped up my master’s degree, so I’m finally looking forward to having some actual free time.

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