Improvisational Transnational Style: What’s in a name?

A photo of Amy Sigil, founder of improvisational transnational style, on stage.

The belly dance community as a whole doesn’t get a lot of tea. I mean, troupes have their own share of internal drama, there’s always that one girl who stands directly in between you and your mirror in class, and people have opinions about… well, everything when it comes to culture, identity, performance styles, costume choices, appropriation, trademarking, and so on.

But sometimes new ideas take hold of a community of people who are dancing in a way that has existed for at least decades – if not centuries – and the community then has to decide whether it will respond in kind or with aggression.

This week, that’s happening.

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2019: A Year In Review

So, in my effort to start blogging here more often, I figured I should treat this as an unofficial launch of my website. ‘Tis the season for self-review, so hey, what better way to establish a jumping-off point than to talk about where I’ve been over the past year?

Also, I may have totally gotten a little inspiration from reading Blogger on Pole today (10/10 would recommend, for the record). I can neither confirm nor deny.

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